The Best Exercise For Belly Fat Loss

A diet program alone will not be enough to combat that stubborn belly fat. That is why here at Drop My Belly Fat we recommend a multi-level approach, with a combination of the following, as the best exercise for belly fat loss. You should regularly change up the way you exercise to give you variety and make sure that your body continues to be challenged.

The Best Exercise For Belly Fat Loss - Running

Cardio & HIIT Training

Regularly doing cardiovascular exercise will help to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Our favorite forms of cardio workout are running, spinning, and HIIT training.

Running is our favorite, not just because it is great for our bodies, but it is great for our minds too. When you go out for a run, you are in a place to let your thoughts go, and you can just run and breathe, it can be very therapeutic. We’ve heard it said that running is a grown up’s lost link to playing outside, and we’ve got to agree. Our advice for new runners is to start slow, what defines you as a runner isn’t how fast you run or how many miles you do, what defines you is the decision to get out the door and do it.

Best Exercise For Belly Fat Loss - HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training is a great full-body workout that combines short bursts of high-intensity exercise, alternating with short rest periods, and is great for building stamina and for speedy fat loss. It can be applied to running or exercises such as squats. It is considered to be much more effective than normal cardio because the high-intensity exercise allows you to increase your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat than with steady moderate exercise.

Spinning is built on the same idea and uses a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel. Spinning classes have a great atmosphere with upbeat music and disco lights, and the motivated instructor keeps you going throughout. Spinning will not just target your legs, it will also strengthen your arms and core, as you cycle simulations of flat roads and hills. It will be challenging, but worth it when you are feeling fitter than ever!

Best Exercise For Belly Fat Loss - Weights

Resistance & Weight Training

Resistance and weight training will tighten your core and help you achieve muscle tone, whilst targeted exercises will tone your abdominals and obliques. This training should be combined with cardiovascular exercise within your exercise routine, for optimal results. See an interesting comparison of the two here. For example, a session at the gym could include 30 minutes of jogging on the treadmill, 10 minutes of rowing or cycling, followed by lifting some weights and resistance training. A great class for bodyweight training is barre. Your next session could also be a spin class and that will work your muscles in a different way. Remember that although it is important to include a combination of different types of exercise in your routine, it is also important to include rest days, so that your muscles can recover.

Best Exercise For Belly Fat Loss - Yoga

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga will help build your core strength, can improve your muscle tone, and also improve your overall mental wellbeing. It can be an effective weight loss tool and improve your level of fitness, even if you are new to exercise. There is a yoga program to suit everyone and you can find yours here.

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